Monday Funday

Mornings around are house can be casual especially if we all have work off. After drinking a little english tea and talking with dan we decided to hop in the car and hit the road for a little Monday adventure to start out the week. We had one objective and that was the davenport pier which has been featured in numerous portfolios and galleries. After getting onto Hwy 1 We pulled off and hit our first spot on a small bluff, bit of advice the parking lot entrance is a bit hidden here. We hopped out into heavy wind and mist and cool crisp air and headed down the path towards the surf.

The coast turned into a small bluff with some of the coolest formations in the dirt I have seen on the coast yet.

The wind and surf were beating the coast and with every wave came a cool mist. The waves were even pushing into the bay on the other side of the cliff.

After Freezing our butts off we hoped back in the car and continued to head south. We decided to pull off at Pigeon Point Lighthouse to check out the point. The weather was perfect, overcast with sunlight just breaking through in some spots.

After taking a break from the road we headed south with Davenport in our sites. I had google earthed the area around the pier and knew it was just west of the train tracks that crossed the road. As soon as we saw the crossing we pulled over and parked. As soon as we peeked our heads over the edge you could see the pier. The last two times I came down this way and pulled over to find the spot my phone was dead and I guessed to far north or south but this time we hit it right on the mark. The illusive spot was finally in reach. 

We decided to walk along the cliff and find a trail down to the beach, Then we would walk along the water to the pier. 

We Then started our walk down the beach and had to jump around corners between waves.

We decided the last peninsula we had to go over it instead of around it. After getting on top we found a cave that went back into total darkness. 

After getting over the outcropping and cave with anticipation high we turned and found the holy grail.  

This is by far my favorite spot on the coast, for its beauty and seclusiveness. With all of our views taken in we headed up the cliff back to the car and headed south for some water and beers.