Christmas Eve Cruise to the Cruz

The day started off cold and rainy with bursts of sunlight breaking through. I set off towards the coast dodging last minute shoppers right and left. The first spot I decided to pull over at was a beach just off the road, it was flat but you could see it covered in foam coming down the highway. The waves were big and winds even bigger but despite all this drop dead gorgeous.

After freezing my bum off I hoped back in the car and headed down 1 through the rain. I decided to pull off on the side of the road this time on a cliff I've been curious about for awhile now. Hint its next to a call box.

Then its just down the path to the farthest point. 

We both agreed the view was killer. A great place to sit and just take in the immense scale of the west coast.   

After taking in the views I hoped back in the Jetta and headed down the coast for awhile until I came across a park right off the road on a bluff. Coming down one of the many hills crashing waves could be seen in the distance so I decided to pull off again and check it out. The rocky shoreline was covered crumpling rock and debris from the high surf.

Happy Holidays all and much love from Santa Cruz, CA.