A Year Exploring

It's been awhile since I did a blog post. There's plenty of reasons, school, work or just life but when I really put all the pieces in my head I think Its because this was the year I was all about figuring out my vision. Adventure has always been my passion, and I discovered a long time ago photography was a great medium to do this through. From the coasts of the west coast to the abandoned buildings of times before us I've always had the camera there to capture it. But as I've been developing my style its always been this pull to either shoot in the cities or out in nature. I think where I really find the beauty and look to capture is this grey area between nature and humanity. 


Old Farm House

Old Farm House

Natures has this awesome ability to reclaim whats left untouched and in this is where I look for the shot. I am infatuated with this grey area between us as humans and nature. Here in California you can see it everywhere and its definitely taken me to some great spots I would of never thought about. The other big reason for it being such a big year was the introduction of the 1979 VW Bus and our base station for adventure.

The bus has been a life long dream of mine and from towing it out of the hills of Santa Cruz to finally hitting the road took 3 years of hard work, plenty of beers and time to track down and find parts. Through that though it has taken us all over California and led to countless adventures. 

The Moral of all of this is this was a year of figuring out what my vision really is, and exploring new roads. With the schedule already filling up this year there is a lot coming. stay Tuned and much love as always