Cliff Crawling and the House on the Cliff

The morning brought drip coffee and day dreaming of taking shots on the road. Luckily for me when I found this out Japes (@japes510) and Dan weren't to far from the studio and heading for the coast. They swopped me up and after a struggle to find a working air pump we headed out. 

The first spot was obviously ocean beach, when the bright sun out it couldn't be beat.

Chance immediately started making friends. 

Then it was a quick stop at a local mart for some water. 

Our next stop was the devils slide park which is one of the coolest places to go if you havent. They converted the old roadway into a park where people can walk the cliffs edge. 

On the other side of the hill was a structure on the that all of us have been eyeing for awhile so we crossed over to check it out. Its a double decked bunker.

While a insanely cool structure, covered in great art its also a bit tricky to get into. 

After playing around on the bunker it was time for something cold from all the hiking around so we headed back to Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and hit the happy hour which not just insanely delicious but also a great deal. 

After refreshing we pulled off by the jetty to check out the waves and beautiful setting sun.

We headed back to Oakland, sunset in tow.