Alameda Naval Base Pt. I

Alameda is home to one of the coolest things around. An old naval air base with ships, hangers and tons of abandon buildings. To be honest  a lot of these buildings have been rotting for years so every corner you turn you'll find something new. I headed out with Brandon (@bgfilmz) and we found the first spot. The first spot we figured it was a entertainment hall or officers hall. We walked in a door and entered a large room with a small stage and kitchen.

Walking through the door in the foreground we entered a record room with invoices thrown about. It was mind blowing, almost like everyone just got up and left.  

We then walked down a dark hall in search of a stair case to the next level. This was pitch black during the day time. BG was rocking the GoPro (@gopro) and I borrowed his headlamp as we pressed on into the darkness.

Heading up the stairs we turned the corner to find the guts of a once grand room. As we pushed on the wood walls seemed to bleed out of the darkness.

On our way out we found another stair case and bathroom. The bathroom was well... Creepy as hell, the air was thick and every step you took was stepping on years of dust and debris. This is the stuff I live for.